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ABCD Ambition Award

Elizabeth Kuruvilla

"A simple calculation of a once-weekly car wash means over a billion gallons of water will get utilised annually by the car wash industry in the UAE. No mean feat.

But, "by launching a master franchise with Green Shine, a US-based firm whose smart range of safe and bio-degradable products enable 100 per cent waterless car cleaning and detailing services, she will enable UAE residents to opt for waterless services to keep their cars in pristine condition. Setting up Green Shine-branded canopies in busy parknig areas like malls and movie theatres, the ex-business development manager for Shell Middle East will give 30 per cent of the profits to the comprehensively trained cleaners - much higher than the current practice. Her company's USP. "Without a doubt, Green Shine's tag line: 'Clean the Car and Save the Planet.'"